5 Most Amazing Crown Cakes

5 Most Amazing Crown Cakes

Paddlepop Crown Cake


Oh, the glory and majesty that a crown radiates! When people want to feel like royalty, having a gorgeous crown on their head is perhaps the first thing that comes to their mind. These radiant and sparkling crowns we have as the ultimate decoration on our cakes are the epitome of sophistication! Especially with crown cakes, it makes you feel morel like a princess!


We seek to create these customised cakes fit for a king! Each and every one of these five cakes we’re about to introduce is elegant and regal! As we show you these featured crown cakes one by one, do know that we have a selection of crown cakes much bigger than these. Click here to check them out!


 1. Black Swan Feather Cake


Standard Cake Honeypeachsg Bakery


A birthday cake fit for royalty!


Starting off with the ‘Black Swan Feather Cake’! This birthday cake comes with a handsome black exterior! On its outer layer are decorations of gorgeous florals and bubbles! On the surface is a dignified crown fit for a princess.


If you have a son or daughter that wishes to feel like royalty for their upcoming 5th birthday or 10th birthday, this birthday cake is not one that will disappoint them! Every friend they have in attendance will be envious this cake isn’t theirs!



 2. Royalty Cake


Standard Cake Honeypeachsg Bakery



The most romantic colours in the world!


Red and white! The exterior of this birthday cake is all white with golden pastels scattered all over, and with the red roses and golden balls adorning it, giving it far more awe-inspiring than it has any right to be! Topped off with a golden crown encrusted with shiny gems all over, this romantic cake cannot be beaten!


If you’re looking for an anniversary cake, whether it’s to celebrate your 1st anniversary with your boyfriend or girlfriend, or a birthday cake that celebrates your mother’s 50th birthday or 60th birthday, this birthday cake will do a perfect job of taking everyone’s breath away with its glorious beauty!



 3. Princess Crown Golden Twirl Cake


Standard Cake Honeypeachsg Bakery



Enchanting in all its glory!


Speaking of dazzling birthday cakes, here’s one that does that better than anything else! With an exterior as white as snow, sugar pearls, bubbles, and cute florals adorn this birthday cake all over. Once again coming with a magnificent crown, this cake has a golden twirl around it, making it even more extravagant than before!


Are you looking to spoil your son or daughter for their upcoming 5th birthday or 6th birthday? If so, then we believe this is the ultimate birthday cake to do it with! Watch all your child’s friend glow with envy as your son or daughter blow out the candles on this gorgeous cake!



 4. Elegant Silver Crown x Wings Cake



Standard Cake Honeypeachsg Bakery


Lustrous silver makes this birthday cake a star!

This cake comes in three tones of colour; white, gray and black! This tall birthday cake is beautified with sugar pearls, charming white florals, and bubbles that make it even more irrestible! As we all our cakes featured here, this birthday cake comes with a crown, but one in silver!


As with every other featured cake here, this one comes in 12 different cake flavours. These amazing cake flavours are; Chocolate Banana, Cookie Butter / Speculoos, Double Chocolate Crunch, Earl Grey Lavender, Fresh Strawberry Short Cake, Hojicha White Chocolate, Matcha White Chocolate with White Choco Bits. Premium Pure Vanilla Bean, Sea-Salt Chocolate Salted Caramel, Strawberry White Chocolate, Vanilla Lemon Curd, and Vanilla Raspberry!


 5. Queens Gold Crown Cake 



Standard Cake Honeypeachsg Bakery

Regal gold make this birthday cake the belle of the ball!


If beauty and radiance are what you’re looking for, then you’ve finally found it. This ‘Queen’s Gold Crown Cake’ is proof that white and gold always go together to make the most beautiful things you can imagine. With an all-white exterior, golden pastels and golden balls grace this awesome birthday cake and elevate to heights of great elegance!


Whether it’s their birthday or Valentine’s Day, your girlfriend or boyfriend would be ecstatic to receive this birthday cake for their 25thbirthday or 30th birthday!


This marks the end of the showcase of our best crown cakes!! If you’ve ever wanted a lavish cake for your special occasion that makes every there feel like kings and queens, then pick one of these cakes from our wide selection right now! No matter if it’s an anniversary, a wedding, or a birthday, these customised cakes will do a wonderful job! Furthermore, Honeypeachsg Bakery is rated as the Best Cake in Singapore!


Honeypeachsg Bakery makes the best wedding cakes and the best birthday cakes in Singapore! We offer the best cake delivery in Singapore, with a delivery fee of only $9.90, which we make free if your order is over $150! If you’re also looking for customised photo cakes and monthly cake promos, then know that Honeypeachsg Bakery offers those as well! Feel free to contact us via our WhatsApp if you have any questions for us!




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