The Best Gambling Cakes

The Best Gambling Cakes

Gambling Cakes


Engaging in gambling can be a highly enjoyable activity, particularly when shared with family or friends. If you appreciate this pastime with your loved ones, consider surprising them with Gambling Cakes.


Is there anyone out there that doesn’t enjoy an occasional roll of the dice, the picking of six numbers that you pray might pop up in the form of lottery balls, or the flashing lights of the slot machine? As a hobby, there’s nothing much more fun than gambling! We highly suggest getting them a Casino themed cake for their birthday. The excitement and tension at every game of chance are palpable, and it can be something that brings people together! When lady luck smiles on you and you hit the jackpot, there’s no feeling in the world like it!


Whereas mahjong are most families’ weekend gathering hobbies, and if you know someone that enjoys mahjong. Mahjong cakes would be the best selection for them! As the best cake shop in Singapore, Honeypeachsg Bakery has sought to make the best gambling-inspired cakes you’ve ever seen! We believe these are the most perfect customised cakes you can find for your parents, your grandparents, or simply your friends who have an enthusiasm for the game of kings!


 1. Two Tier – Navy Blue Longevity Lottery Cake



Standard Cake Honeypeachsg Bakery

A tower of fortune!


This majestic two-tier ‘Navy Blue Longevity Lottery Cake’ is starting off this list with a bang! This enormity of a customised cake is painted blue at the bottom, and on that field of blue is a “寿” symbol, which means longevity! Accompanying the beautiful logo are golden ingots, golden coins, and longevity peaches. Moreover, making this birthday cake or anniversary cake, whichever occasion you might want to use it for, the most auspicious one you’ll ever see! The top tier of the cake has a largely white canvas with streaks of blue and golden pastels all over! At its front are lottery tickets made out of tasty icing!


This 4” by 6” two-tier cake is available in 10 different delicious cake flavours, and you get to choose one for each tier! The cake flavours available are; Chocolate Banana, Cookie Butter / Speculoos, Double Chocolate Crunch, Earl Grey Lavender, Fresh Strawberry Short Cake, Matcha White Chocolate with White Choco Bits, Premium Pure Vanilla Bean, Sea-Salt Chocolate Salted Caramel, and Vanilla Raspberry!



 2. Navy Blue Longevity Lottery Cake


Standard Cake Honeypeachsg Bakery


A smaller version, and yet just as auspicious!


We continue our list of the most prosperous customised cakes we have with this gorgeous customised cake! This cake is a smaller version of the one we just introduced, but it’s no less lucky or tasty! This cake shares the same auspicious elements that the two-tier version has! It’s decked out with longevity peaches, golden coins, golden ingots, and edible lottery tickets! If you’re looking for the 18th birthday or 21stbirthday cake for your boyfriend or girlfriend who enjoys an occasional roll of the dice. However, you don’t want to get too extravagant, this birthday cake is the perfect choice for you!



 3. Mahjong x Dice Huat Longevity Cake



Standard Cake Honeypeachsg Bakery

A shuffle of the tiles, the game of kings!


Mahjong lovers unite! This universally-loved game is given life in the shape of this lovely birthday cake! Coming in green and white form, this birthday cake is decorated with carefully crafted mahjong tiles and dice, with a big green ”發” displayed at the front of the cake!


If your father or mother is looking to celebrate their upcoming 50th birthday or 65th birthday, we assure you that you cannot go wrong with this amazing birthday cake! This is a beautifully-designed cake that reminds your parents of their favourite game in the world!


 4. Red Mahjong Blossom Cake

Standard Cake Honeypeachsg Bakery

Lucky red and mahjong tiles side-by-side!


Another mahjong-themed birthday cake, except this one is designed with a sea of red, the colour of prosperity! The charming red that this birthday cake has as its canvas also has flower petals and leaves drawn on it. Further elevating the beauty of this birthday cake are macarons and mahjong tiles made out of frosting! And as a final touch, the longevity peaches at the back brings the prosperity of this cake to its greatest heights!


Single-tier customized cakes like these has a total of twelve amazing cake flavours available for it, and these cake flavours are “Chocolate Banana, Chocolate Banana, Cookie Butter / Speculoos, Double Chocolate Crunch, Earl Grey Lavender, Fresh Strawberry Short Cake, Hojicha White Chocolate, Matcha White Chocolate with White Choco Bits, Premium Pure Vanilla Bean, Sea-Salt Chocolate Salted Caramel, Strawberry White Chocolate, Vanilla Raspberry, and Vanilla Lemon Curd!


 5. Casino/Poker Gambling Cake


Standard Cake Honeypeachsg Bakery



No need to fold this hand!


The most handsome gambling-themed birthday cake we have! This white cake comes with streaks of navy rounding out the base of the cake, and at that bottom are golden ingots and golden coins that shine like a diamond! Sitting sophistically at the top is a birthday cake topper, and poker cards and poker chips that make this birthday cake the envy of all poker lovers!


There’s nothing in this world that provides stimulation and excitement as much as gambling! Provide we exercise proper control over our love for this hobby, it truly becomes an irreplaceable game that is second-to-none when it comes to bringing exhilaration! Our gambling-themed cakes have always proven to be a crowd favourite with not just gambling fans, but also the elderlies! So if you’re at a loss for what type of cake you want to buy for your parent’s upcoming birthday celebration, wonder no more!


At Honeypeachsg Bakery, we make the best birthday cakes and the best wedding cakes in Singapore! As the best cake shop in Singapore, we provide the best cake delivery for any bakery you can find! At only $9.90, we provide islandwide delivery and we waive the delivery fee if your order is over $150! Whereas, we are also rated as the most beautiful yet delicious cake shop. Order now and we promise that you’ll never regret your purchase!




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