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♡ Cake Delivery
Can I Make Changes To My Order Details After It Has Been Placed?

We understand if there was an error made in your excitement during check out when ordering your birthday cakes, or other unexpected situation such as the recipient unable to be present at the previous location on the day of delivery.

We welcome you to Whatsapp us with your order number and updated details with a minimum lead time of 3 days

Yes, we welcome you to collect your cake over at our cake shop.

Operating hour:

Monday & Tuesday: 9AM – 4PM
Wednesday to Saturday: 9AM – 5PM
Sunday: 9AM – 11AM 

Absolutely! We understand how important it is to receive your birthday cake on time and in good shape. Our cake delivery drivers are well-trained with years of experience, professional, and punctual! Please do not hesitate to entrust it to us.

Honeypeachsg Bakery offers cake delivery to all of the above. We deliver cakes to any location in Singapore, and there isn’t a single location where we don’t deliver unless it’s a restricted area.

Simply order a cake from our website and our cake delivery driver will delivers directly to the recipient’s doorstep in Singapore. We accept various card payment options such as Apple Pay, Credit Card and Google Pay.

Our drivers will personally call the recipent to get their approval to leave the birthday cake outside their doorstep inclusive of a photo proof. However, we will not be held responsible if the birthday cake has melted or is stolen. 

In the event that both the recipient or sender are not home and uncontactable, our driver will only wait a maximum of 10 minutes and client would have to opt for redelivery (subject to availability) with extra charges of $15.  Hence, we strongly encourage the recipient to be home within the delivery time slot. 

Monday to Saturday: 

Option 1: 09:00 AM – 01:00 PM

Option 2: 12:00 PM – 04:00 PM

Option 3: 03:00 PM – 06:00 PM 


09:00 AM – 02:00 PM

  • Promo Cakes / Orders above $150 – Free
  • Standard 3 Hr Delivery – $15
  • Specific Time – $35 
We deliver anywhere in Singapore!
Are you halal certified?

Our cakes are not halal certified, but we do not use any form of lard/alcohol/gelatine inside our bakes. We have muslim customers as well! 🙂

All of our cakes are made with reduced sugars, making them less sweet. We’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback that our cake isn’t too sweet as well!

Please note that our cakes can be left out for 1 to 2 hours in room temperature. Otherwise, please ensure that the cake is refrigerated. Avoid placing the cake under direct heat as it may cause the buttercream to melt.



You may read more detailed over at cake care.

Whilst our cake is best consumed on the day of delivery, our cakes are best eaten within 3 days with proper storage in the refrigerator. Simply store your cake back to the original cake box or ensured it is covered fully to prevent moisture loss. 

You can place an order of our available cakes & desserts via our website. Else, you may drop us a message on our WhatsApp for other customised orders or any other enquiry. 

Order form:

1. Date of celebration

2. Cake design (With any photo, if any)

3. Cake flavour 

4 Inch : 0.5KG  (2-5 pax)
6 Inch : 1KG (6-10 pax)

It is exactly 6 inch in width. You may wish to use ruler to gauge the actual size.

A two-tier cake can impress your guests with its luxurious and grand appearance, adding a “wow” factor to your event. For a smaller, more intimate gathering, a single tier would suffice.

The typical cake size is a 6-inch cake, designed to serve 6-10 individuals. This size is widely available in most cake shops and is ideal for various parties and gatherings. However, we advise selecting the cake size based on the number of guests attending your event to ensure everyone is catered for appropriately.

Can I cancel/refund my order?

We do have a non-refundable policy however we can cancel your cake order and store your credit with us (with no expiry date). 

Absolutely not! We do not include any prices, receipts or billing information.

For cakes that are available directly on website, we will required at least 1 to 4 days lead time (subject to availability). However, we will recommend you to order as soon as possible to avoid any disappointment. 

While for customised cake, we recommend to order at least 1 week to months in advance as we will need time to discuss with you the cake design and prepare your custom cake.

The tall cake will lend a touch of elegance and beauty to the whole cake design. Certain custom cake designs, such as flower cakes, would be better suited to a tall cake Ultimately, it will be determined by the overall design of your custom cake.

You may read The Ultimate Guide to order a Customised Birthday Cake in Singapore for more details.  

For any further questions, feel free to contact us directly via WhatsApp (9088 4932). Thank you!