Elmo Cakes

Elmo cakes can make any kid smile and this happy-go-lucky Sesame Street character. Elmo cakes are great for birthday parties, school celebrations, baby showers and other special events!

These wise words come from one of the most popular children’s TV show characters of all time; Elmo! For many decades, Elmo taught children how to be kind and to have respect for other people. Elmo together with Cookie Monster has been doing such a wonderful job all these years that he has a special place in our childhoods and our hearts.

In cases, these cakes are not your desired one, you may take a look at our other The #1 Birthday Cakes in Singapore! Over at Honeypeachsg Bakery, we have over 1000 cake designs for you to choose from. Lastly, ever wonder how to pick the correct cake size for you celebration? At Honeypeachsg, we have this easy Cake Sizing Guide to assist you along your way!


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  • Fondant Name Letters | Custom Cakes
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    Fondant Name Letters

    From $11.00
  • Half Cake - Elmo Drip Cake | Best Bakery in Singapore
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    Half Cake – Elmo Drip Cake

    From $163.00
  • Elmo Pastel Cake | Best Online Bakery In Singapore
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    Elmo Pastel Cake

    From $158.80
  • Elmo Soccer Party Cake | Best Online Bakery In Singapore
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    Elmo Soccer Party Cake

    From $168.80

These are the reason why we made Elmo cakes, so you can celebrate your kid’s birthday. Such as 5th birthday, 6th birthday, or even 10th birthday. With a birthday cake featuring their favourite Muppet! If your baby boy or baby girl loves soccer too, then our ‘Elmo Soccer Party Cake‘ is the obvious choice! If you’d like something more colourful but still featuring the lovely Elmo, then ‘Elmo Pastel Cake‘ will please both you and your kids!

These amazing birthday cakes are made by Honeypeachsg Bakery, the best cake shop in Singapore! We have monthly cake promos and offer the most affordable cake delivery in all of Singapore, at $9.90, of which is waived if your purchase is over $150!




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