Top Questions About Birthday Cake

Top Questions About Birthday Cake

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Top Questions About Birthday Cake: Today we will be having a discussion about the most ask questions in this blogpost. We’ve compiled a list of the most often asked questions about birthday cakes, and we’ve answered them for you. If these cakes are not your desired one, you may take a look at our other The #1 Birthday Cakes in Singapore! Over at Honeypeachsg Bakery, we have over 1000 cake designs for you to choose from. Lastly, ever wonder how to pick the correct cake size for you celebration? We have this easy Cake Sizing Guide to assist you along your way!

FAQ Questions


1. What is a birthday cake?

A birthday cake is a cake that is served at a birthday party. Birthday cakes come in a wide range of interesting cake flavours such as double chocolate crunch, lychee rose and fresh strawberries short cake.


2. Why do we need a cake for birthday?


A birthday cake is the most significant aspect at a birthday party; without a birthday cake or the opportunity to blow out a candle, the celebrant will feel down and indifferent in the occasion. Birthday cake is essential.


3. Why do we put candles on cake?


The practice of putting candles on cake goes back to Ancient Greece. To honor Artemis, the goddess of the moon, the Greeks baked round cakes. The smoke from the candles conveyed their prayers and wishes to the Gods who resided in the skies, and the lit candles on the cake represented the glow of the moon.


4. What should you do on your birthday party?


The quantity of candles usually corresponds to the celebrant’s age. Many people believe that making a quiet wish while blowing out all the candles with one breath is required. If you tell anyone else about your wish, it will not come true.


FAQ Questions (Part 2) 


5. How much does a cake cost in Singapore?


Standard birthday cakes range in price from $20 to $60, whereas customised birthday cakes are more pricer and are highly depend on cake designs which can ranges from $70 to $180.


6. How far can I customise a cake? 


You can fully customise your birthday cake, anywhere from the cake color, cake flavours, type of decorations to type of candles.

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7. What to write on a birthday cake?


It can be a simple message like “Happy Birthday To You” or “Happy 21st Birthday,” or it can just be the name of the celebrant. For your partner, simply write “I love you” on the birthday cake.

8. Which birthday cake is best in taste?

The best cake flavours would be good o’ double chocolate, classic vanilla and fresh strawberries short cake! For a more special cake flavours, opt for earl grey lavender or hojicha white chocolate!

9. Does birthday cake need to store in fridge?

Because of the humidity in Singapore, it is critical to keep birthday cakes refrigerated. As the temperature rises, the cake’s cream will melt, and we don’t want a melting cake. However, remember to keep your cake moist by keeping it covered in the cake box. Birthday cake will need to be consumed within 2 days to maintain its freshness and taste of the cake.


FAQ Questions (Part 3) 


10. How many candles should I chose?


The number of candles in a birthday cake is based on the age of the celebrant. For example, a child celebrating his or her third birthday should have three candles, however adults celebrating their 21st birthday should have one or three candles because having twenty-one candles can be overwhelming.

11. How many cake sizes are there in birthday cake?


There are a variety of cake sizes available, ranging from a 2″ mini cake for 1-2 people to a three-tiered cake for more than 100 people.

12. How much does mini cake cost?


As mini cakes are so small and dainty, the price is also reasonable. Depending on the design, it ranged from $29.90 onwards. However, we do have a large varieties of cake sizes for Honeypeachsg Bakery.


13. What type of cake is the most moist?


Chiffon cakes are light and airy, and they absorb moisture easily, making them the perfect moisture cake among other cakes.


14. Does cake taste better with fondant or buttercream?


Buttercream taste better. Fondants are made of sugar and are usually overly sweet. Therefore, they are meant for decoration purposes only.

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