4 Easy Steps to Order a Simple Birthday Cake

4 Easy Steps to Order a Simple Birthday Cake

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A party without cake is just a meeting.” 


Birthday cakes are necessary for any occasion, whether it is a simple birthday celebration, an anniversary, or a corporate function. There are numerous factors to consider and discuss with your loved ones while choosing a birthday cake.

Engaging a baker to create something unique for a truly special event that screams for a show-stopping cake is a fantastic approach to make it an unforgettable celebration. But where do you begin when there are hundreds of bakeries on Instagram every day and cakes lining on shelves? If you follow a few essential factor, the procedure is actually quite simple and can be a lot of fun.


1. Determine The Cake Size

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Determine the number of pax that will be attending the celebration. Knowing how many people will be attending your celebration is the first step in selecting the ideal birthday cake for that special someone, as having enough cake for everyone assures that no one will be disappointed. Most cake shops come with a menu of an estimate of how many people they will serve.


2. Choose Your Cake Flavour

Determine the cake flavors by understanding what the birthday girl or boy likes. Since it is his or her special day, it is critical to select the celebrant’s favorite cake flavor. He might prefers exotic flavour such as earl grey lavender or hojicha white chocolate!


If you’re not sure what he or she likes, go with classic flavors that everyone adores. It would be a double chocolate cake, fresh strawberry shortcake, or a classic vanilla cake, which many people would enjoy.



3. Cake Design


The next factor to consider while selecting the ideal birthday cake for your cake. Find out what kind of birthday theme the party is having. For a 50th or 60th birthday celebration, would it be a whimsical dreaming theme or a longevity party? If there is no preferred cake design, then we will strongly recommend you to pick then best selling cake design!


We are rated as the Best Cake Design in Singapore and we are confident that our cake designs would be perfect for your celebration.


4. Cake Delivery Methods 


Do you like to pick up the birthday cake from the bakery yourself or do you prefer to have it delivered so you have more time to organize the surprise? Ultimately, it is up to you and your timetable. Some cake shops provide free delivery with any cake purchase and it will saving you the hassle of having to make a decision.


Lastly, the most important criteria would be selecting a cake shop. Finding a cake shop that offers the cake design and cake flavor you want while still being trustworthy and reputable! Trust, you’ll find one if you take your time and look around.

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