Hojicha White Chocolate - Gourmet Regular Cupcakes (Box of 12)


Hojicha White Chocolate - Gourmet Regular Cupcakes 

Hojicha, also known as Japanese green tea, is an exceedingly popular flavour here in Singapore, and needless to say it goes great with cupcakes!

If you're looking for an anniversary cake or a birthday cake, but don't wish to buy something as extravagant as a birthday cake, these cupcakes would be perfect for you! These cupcakes are an even better idea if you simply wish to treat your baby boy or baby girl to a delicacy! Honeypeachsg, an online bakery store in Singapore, offers affordable cake delivery rates in Singapore!

  • Box of 12 regular cupcakes.
  • Moist hojicha cupcakes with hojicha cream paired with white chocolate bits pearls. Perfect combination for any hojicha tea lovers!