Classic Tiramisù Lunch Box Bento Cake (Same Day Delivery)

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Classic Tiramisù Lunch Box Bento Cake is a delicious and luxurious Italian dessert that tastes really good and has different flavors and textures. The ladyfingers soak up the coffee and give the cake a little bit of coffee flavor. The mascarpone cream makes the cake smooth and adds a sweet and slightly tangy taste. We put each layer together carefully so that the flavors mix and create a nice balance.

Finishing the Tiramisu cake is a sprinkling of cocoa powder, which adds a bit of bitter taste that nicely contrasts the creamy sweetness. The cocoa powder not only makes the dessert look nicer, but it also makes it taste even better.

When you eat a well-made Classic Tiramisù Lunch Box Bento Cake, you experience a combination of delicious flavors. The ladyfingers are soft and moist. They are soaked with espresso, which gives them a strong flavor. When you eat them, they quickly dissolve in your mouth. The creamy mascarpone filling is smooth and rich, with a gentle sweetness that makes you feel really satisfied. The cocoa powder adds a nice bitter taste that goes well with the richness of the cake, making it taste really good together.

The Tiramisu cake is a wonderful mix of different textures and tastes. Which makes it a real treat for people who love desserts. It represents the best of Italian cooking and has become very popular all over the world. Due to it’s appealing. Whether you eat it by itself or at the end of a meal, Tiramisu cake always impresses with its deliciousness and ability to make your taste buds feel really good. Moreover, at SethLui, we are rated as the most delicious yet beautiful customised cakes in Singapore!

*Does contain hints of alcohol

Note: Bento cakes are 4 inches in 2 layers, serving one to two people.

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