Aqua Black Gold Cake


Aqua Black Gold Cake

A classic black and gold cake splattered with edible gold flakes, swirl and decorated with golden balls. This cake best paired with our delicious double chocolate cake or Premium Earl Grey Lavender. 

This design is best suited for men, as men prefer simple, non-obtrusive cakes for their birthday celebration. Honeypeachsg Bakery has a large selection of cake designs for men's birthday cakes. In addition, we offer free birthday cake delivery in Singapore for our promotion cakes.

Important Note: 

  • All the decorations in the photo will be included. Golden balls are meant for decoration purposes only and they are non-edible.
  • For other toppers, kindly purchase it here
  • Do note that black food colouring are added to the cake to achieve pitch black effect and there is a possibly of staining your teeth. Please avoid purchasing black coloured cake if this might be a concern for you. 
  • For cake care guidance, click here.
  • Please note that there may be a slight variation for the design as they are all handmade by our team. 
  • For floral cakes, do note that the flowers arrangement will not be 100% identical due to seasonal availability. 

Cake Sizing Guide: 

  • Click here for cake sizing guide.
  • For other cake sizes that are not available here, kindly WhatsApp us at +65 9088 4932 or email us info@honeypeachsg for enquiry.