How long in advance do I need to place my order? 

We do not exactly have a lead time because all our orders are received based on first come first serve basis. Thus, we will recommend you to order as soon as possible to avoid any disappointment. 

How do I place an order?
You can place an order of our available cakes & desserts via our website.

Else, you may drop us a message on our WhatsApp/email for other customised orders or any other enquiry. 
Order form:
1. Name
2. Orders 
3. Cake design/colour scheme (if any) 
4. Date of collection

Can I make amendment/cancel my order after confirmation?
We have a strict non-refundable policy after payment, so order cancellation will not be allowed. Slight amendments will be reviewed on case-by-case basis. 

However, we do allow a one-time change of the collection date, do notify us at least 2 weeks before your original collection date. 

What are your payment methods?
We accept cash, online payment, bank transfers, and paynow/lah currently. 


How do I collect my order?
You may view here for more information about self-collection & delivery. 

About Cakes

How much are your cakes?
For standard/gourmet cakes - prices are indicated on the website. 

For customised cake, price will vary for different designs. You may view our customised cake tab for more information. Else, kindly contact us so that we can advise further :)

What are the difference between Classic and Tall cake? 
Classic - 3 layers
Tall - 4 layers

Can I customise other cake designs that is not available on your website?
Yes, definitely! We're more than happy to discuss further with you. 

Will the cake be exact as photo that I have sent previously?
No, it won’t be. We will not be making a 100% exact replica as the photo shown, as each baker has its own unique baking personality as well as to respect the original designer. However, we can discuss to create a similar design with the use of the photo reference. 

Can I request my cake to be 'less sweet'? 
For all of our cakes, we make sure to use reduced sugar cream. As cake taste is a very subjective matter, we're unable to change our recipe as it'll affect the overall quality of the cake.