Cake Care

 It is the customer's responsibility to read through the cake care upon placing an order with Honeypeach Bakery.

1. Please note that our cakes can be left out for 30 mins - 1 hour in air-conditioned temperature. Otherwise, please ensure that the cake is refrigerated. Avoid placing the cake under direct heat as it may cause the buttercream to melt.

2. If refrigerated, kindly take out the cake at least 45 mins - 1 hour prior cake cutting session to let the cake thaw as this is to ensure the softness of the cake. 

3. As fondant is extremely sensitive to temperature changes, please ensure that you remove any piece of fondant on your cake if you wish to store your cake in the fridge. The fondant pieces can be left in an air-con room temperature. You can leave your fondant pieces on your cake if your cake cutting session is within the next 2~4 hours.

4. For Fresh Floral Cakes, most of the flowers on our cakes are not edible and only for decorative purposes. We have covered the stems of the flowers with tapes to minimise the contact with the cake itself thus please ensure to remove all before consumption.

5. Some of our cakes come with bubble tea straws to provide extra supports and to hold the heavy weight. Before consumption, please ensure to remove the straws from the sliced cake.

6. Our cakes are best consume within 3 days from collection date if properly stored.