Our 5 Floral Cakes that Exudes Elegance Effortlessly

Our 5 Floral Cakes that Exudes Elegance Effortlessly


Love, affection, gratitude, sympathy, joy, and regret. These are just some of the emotions that people can use flowers to express. However, getting a floral cakes for your loved ones can be the best way to show your love. They convey the language of feelings without anyone having to say a word. Regardless of who your recipient is, whether they be your friends, your lover, or even a total stranger. When you don’t know how to tell them how you feel, flowers can do it for you.


The beauty that flowers are capable of is the reason why we have such a wide selection of cakes with flowers. When it comes to gifts, flowers and cakes go hand-in-hand in being the popular choice for telling someone you care about them. Every feeling you’ve ever wanted to express to somebody can be perfectly encapsulated in our line of breathtaking floral cakes!


Here we showcase just 5 of our floral cakes, if you’re left wanting more by the end of this list, feel free to take some time and slowly browse through our selection of floral cakes!





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Grace, beauty, and gratitude!


The star of this cake is hydrangeas! Hydrangeas represent grace, beauty, and gratitude! They are used for happy as well as sad occasions. The lovely colour and aroma of hydrangeas make them an incredibly popular choice!


This customised floral comes with a mint and pastel pink background, and a lovely bouquet of hydrangeas at the top! The available cake flavours for this cake are the following; Chocolate Banana, Cookie Butter / Speculoos, Double Chocolate Crunch, Earl Grey Lavender. Such as Fresh Strawberry Short Cake, Hojicha White Chocolate, Matcha White Chocolate with White Choco Bits, Premium Pure Vanilla Bean. Additionally, Sea-Salt Chocolate Salted Caramel, Strawberry White Chocolate, Vanilla Lemon Curd, and Vanilla Raspberry!


2. Promo – White Tulips



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Peace and purity!


There is one meaning that white tulips are best known for; peace and purity! Tulips are flowers that’ve been a favourite of us human for centuries, and the reason for that is because they’ve come to be able to represent many things depending on their colour. White tulips are fantastic flowers to gift someone when they’re celebrating a religious milestone, much like a baptism or bar mitzvah! They’re also a popular choice for expressing remorse.


With the ’White Tulips’ customised cake, we hoped to capture the same feeling of peace and purity that the flowers themselves effortlessly exude. This cake is accompanied with two stalks of white tulips, and being a promo cake, this amazing cake qualifies for free delivery!



 3. Purple Orchid Floral Cake


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Pure love and beauty!


Orchids are an incredible symbol of pure love and beauty! With purple orchids specifically, they represent dignity and admiration! They’re traditionally gifted to someone as a way of demonstrating respect, such as to a boss or a teacher!


If somebody worthy of your respect has an upcoming occasion worth celebrating, such as a promotion or a birthday, then this is the customised cake you want to surprise them with! Coming with your choice of 12 different cake flavours, it is accompanied by purple orchids and gives off an air of sophistication!



4. White Lily Floral Elegant Cake



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Purity and rebirth!


White lilies are viewed as one of sympathy, and they typically symbolize virginity and purity. They’re often chosen for weddings and funerals because they’re symbolic of a rejuvenation of the soul.


The ‘White Lily Floral Elegant Cake’ is available from sizes of 4”, 6”, and 8”! The cake is beautified with gorgeous florals and will touch the heart of anyone who sees it! If you have a boyfriend or girlfriend who is looking to celebrate their 18th birthday or their 21st birthday, this birthday cake is the perfect choice for you!


5. Painted Sunflowers Cake



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 Love and faith!


If you’ve wanted to convey feelings of unshakeable faith and unconditional love, but you’re not sure quite what to say and how to say it, then sunflowers are the ultimate flowers for you. All the bright and positive things in this world are represented by the sunflower!


This incredible cake with painted butterflies is designed to perfection with a big sunflower at the top, exuding all the loyalty and love there is! If you have a father or mother looking to celebrate their 50th birthday or 65th birthday, there’s no better choice than the ‘Painted Sunflowers Cake’!



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And that’s the end of our showcase for 5 of our best floral cakes! If you’ve ever wanted your cake to represent many things and convey all the things that you feel. Then make an order with us right now! No matter what occasion or celebration is coming up, you can never go wrong with flowers as a gift. They’re universally loved and appreciated for all the beauty they exude!



Honeypeachsg Bakery makes the best floral cakes and the best birthday cakes in Singapore! We offer the best cake delivery in Singapore. Additionally, with the delivery fee at only $9.90, which is completely free if your order is over $150! If you’re also looking for customised photo cakes and monthly cake promos, then know that Honeypeachsg Bakery offers those as well! Feel free to contact us via our WhatsApp if you have any questions for us!




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