5 Wonderful Cupcakes to Surprise Your Loved Ones With

5 Wonderful Cupcakes to Surprise Your Loved Ones With



There are many gifts and desserts in the world for gift giving. However, cupcakes are consider the best gift and most convenient one. You may customise your cupcake designs according to celebrant’s favourite items or theme. Or simply purchase a standard cupcakes and it will taste as good as it looks!


It’s widely considered that there are 5 languages to love, and they are words of affirmations, quality time, touch, acts of service, and finally our favourite; gifts! Surprising your loved one with a gift has been considered an act of love since the dawn of mankind. What makes giving gifts such an effective way of telling someone you care about them is the processes you go through when you decide to go gift-giving!


The catalyst for gift-giving is thoughtfulness. At some point throughout your day, you thought to yourself, “I love and care for this person greatly, how can I do something to show them that?”. It’s a beautiful way of telling your recipient that you’re grateful for their presence in your life.


With that goal in mind, we’ve crafted a list of five of our new cupcakes that your lucky recipient will absolutely adore, and we hope by the end of it, you’ll have found what you want to surprise your loved one with!


1. Proposal Bridal Cupcakes (Box of 12)



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Gorgeous cupcakes for a gorgeous moment



These are our new ‘Proposal Bridal Cupcakes’! After the grand proposal that you’ve likely been planning for weeks, you need some tasty treats to celebrate! And there’s no better choice than a box of cupcakes literally tailored for that occasion! Pink frosting beautifully decorates these cupcakes, allowing you to have words of your choice written in the frosting itself!


As with every other cupcake here, you can choose from an amazing list of 12 different cake flavours. These flavours are; Chocolate Banana, Cookie Butter / Speculoos, Double Chocolate Crunch, Fresh Strawberry Short Cake. Matcha White Chocolate with White Choco Bits, Sea-Salt Chocolate Salted Caramel, Strawberry White Chocolate, Vanilla Raspberry, Earl Grey Lavender, Hojicha White Chocolate, Premium Pure Vanilla Bean, Vanilla Lemon Curd



2. Best Dad Ever Cupcakes (Box of 12)



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The picture of elegance!


Father’s Day has come and gone but does anyone really need a hallmark holiday to celebrate their dads just once a year? At Honeypeachsg, we believe that showing your appreciation and gratitude to your father is not something that should be tied to the calender! And that’s why we made the ‘Best Dad Ever’ cupcakes! These cupcakes come in boxes of 12, and they’re designed specifically to be a gift for dads!


All cupcakes come in vivid green frosting, four of which are further beautified with gorgeous pearls. The other two will have meaningful words inscribed atop them! Whether you’re planning on buying these for Father’s Day or for your dad’s 50th birthday or 65th birthday, we promise these birthday cupcakes will bring a big smile to his face!



3. Safari Animal Cupcakes (Box of 12)



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Get closer to nature!


Perhaps the lucky person you’re giving these cupcakes to is a child, a child at heart, or simply an animal lover! If that’s the case, this ‘Safari Animal Cupcakes (Box of 12)’ is what you want! Each cupcake has the face of an animal drawn on the top, in the most adorable manner possible! From zebras to elephants, any animal lovers would squeak in joy at the sight of these!


A happy birthday message of your choice and a name can also be placed on the top of two cupcakes! Whether these are intended for your students as a schoolteacher, or you have a son or daughter celebrating their 4th or 5th birthday soon, rest assured, you won’t be disappointed!



4. Pastel Rainbow Birthday Cupcakes (Box of 6)


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The height of luxury!


The rainbow is more than just a phenomenon of great beauty, it’s a symbol of good fortune! Rainbows inspire all everyone that looks upon them, and they form only after the heaviest of rains, their very existence is the perfect metaphor for hope!


These lovely cupcakes’ frosting come in different shapes, but are all equally beautiful! These cupcakes are great for every occasion, no matter if it’s as a delicious snack, as a birthday supplement to the birthday cake, or as a gift to a friend who is a part of the LBGTQ community, these cupcakes will make the moment one to remember!



5. Monster Inc (Sulley) – Cupcakes (Box of 12)


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“Hey, may the best monster win.”


Monster’s Inc may have been released over 20 years ago, but the good-natured, strong, and gentle giant known as Sulley will forever live on in our hearts! We’ve done so for this amazing character by making these customised cupcakes themed after Sulley!


These cupcakes that come in boxes of 12 have either the face of Sulley on them, or have his horns on a field of blue!! It will have you and your loved ones smiling from ear to ear as you chomp down on these cupcakes!



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Additionally, gifts are marvellous symbols of love. The meaning and thought behind them is universal, regardless of the monetary value of the gift. Some individuals take time out of their day to carefully select the most perfect gift for their loved ones. They dedicate moments to reflect, browse through stores and websites, and meticulously package the chosen gift.


When the ideal moment to surprise their loved one is created, it’s no wonder that some recipients are deeply moved, often to tears, by receiving a gift that has been on their mind for a while. It’s a revelation of how much their gift giver understands and appreciates them! All in all, Honeypeachsg Bakery are rated as the most delicious cupcakes in Singapore.


At Honeypeachsg, we believe that nothing can you help you celebrate or remember a momentous occasion better than a treat! As such, Honeypeachsg endeavors to be the best cake shop in Singapore. Moreover, we are confident that we make the best birthday cakes and the best birthday cupcakes in all of Singapore!. We offer islandwide delivery for a low rate of $9.90, of which is completely free if your order is over $150! Place your orders with us right now and we’ll show you customer satisfaction!




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