Elegant Dreamy Fresh Floral Wedding Cake


The picture of elegance, this two-tier wedding cake has a spiral of gorgeous florals, making it the most sophisticated wedding cake you'll ever see. If you're searching for a wedding cake for your big wedding day with your future wife or husband, we assure you that this wedding cake is sure to please everyone at the day of your union!

Honeypeachsg Bakery offers a wide assortment of cake flavours for you to choose from! Honeypeachsg Bakery takes pride in being the best cake shop in Singapore!

Customer Reviews

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michelle matsuda
Elegantly delicious


Honeypeach delivered a very nice and delicious cake. I ordered weeks ahead of time and just trusted them to deliver it on time. Ordered this beautiful 2 tier cake with 2 different flavors. Really had the hard time looking for this kind of cake so thanks to Honeypeach for making this as an option.

Flavor: Fresh Strawberry Shortcake - so refreshing and light. So far it's our favorite one.
Double chocolate crunch - just the right sweetness. Moist and nice chocolate flavor. I'm a fan of chocolate crunch stuff so this is really good.

Design: ( cake topper is mine)
Really liked the flowers and gold leaf. Elegant :-)

Delivery: They are easy to communicate with. Updating me as soon as the delivery in on the way. Honored my request not to call me as this is a surprise. The delivery box is beautifully done.

So good that we brought some of it overseas for a vacation treat.
I'm a picky eater when it comes to desserts but this is just absolutely amazing.

Really really happy and highly recommending this place.
Looking forward for our next celebrations!