Dinosaur Cakes

Dinosaurs, these awesome creatures that no longer roam our planet are still some of our favourite animals! Dinosaurs also tend to be a child’s obsession, thanks to their innate desire for curiosity and discovery! If you have a son or daughter who has a love for dinosaurs, and has a 5th birthday or 6th birthday coming up, it’d be just amazing if you bought them a dinosaur-themed birthday cake!

The reason why kids love dinosaur: An interest in dinosaurs also helps kids get their head around the earth’s timeline and appreciate that amazing, interesting things existed long before they did. Many children are obsessed with Dinosaur simply because they are magical, and inspiring fantasy. Surprise your son with his favourite dinosaur and we are sure you’ll win his heart!

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  • Fondant Name Letters | Custom Cakes
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    Fondant Name Letters

    From $11.00
  • Pastel Blue Dinosaur Party Cake
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    Pastel Blue Dinosaur Party Cake

    From $192.80 (Including GST)
  • Rustic Cute Dinosaur Cake
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    Rustic Cute Dinosaur Cake

    From $162.80 (Including GST)
  • Rustic Dinosaur Cake | Best Customisation Cake Shop
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    Rustic Dinosaur Cake

    From $158.80 (Including GST)

We highly recommend the ‘Rustic Dinosaur Cake’! This beautiful customised cake features leaves and dinosaurs made out of fondant! Your child will simply fall in love with it! If you are celebrating a birthday party with T-REX themed, then our dinosaur cakes will be perfect for you. If we do not have what you are looking for, simply enquire us directly and we would love to customised a cake for you.


If these cakes are not your desired one, you may take a look at our other The #1 Birthday Cakes in Singapore! Over at Honeypeachsg Bakery, we have over 1000 cake designs for you to choose from. Lastly, ever wonder how to pick the correct cake size for you celebration? We have this easy Cake Sizing Guide to assist you along your way!


At Honeypeachsg Bakery, we take pride in making the best birthday cakes and birthday cupcakes in Singapore! We offer an assortment of cake flavours for you to choose from and we also do customised photo cakes in Singapore! If you have any inquiries, feel free to contact us via our WhatsApp!




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