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Chinese New Year Goodies is a must in Chinese New Year Celebration. Pineapple tarts have become deeply ingrained in the cultural celebrations of Chinese New Year in Singapore. They are a traditional and essential part of the festive menu. Our Pineapple tarts are buttery, melt in your mouth and just delicious. It makes you wanting more!

During Chinese New Year, families and friends come together to celebrate. Pineapple tarts are often exchanged and served as part of the festive spread. Sharing these treats is a way to express goodwill and strengthen social bonds.

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  • [NEW] Orange Cheese Cookies
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    [NEW] Orange Cheese Cookies

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Chinese New Year Goodies such as Pineapple Tarts and Chocolate Chips Cookies are the best selling one! This Chinese New Year, we have come out with Trio Prosperity Set which consists of our top 3 pineapple tarts flavour: Pandan Pineapple Tart, Golden Original Pineapple Tart and Earl Grey Pineapple Tart.


Introducing a fresh addition to our lineup: the must-try Orange Cheese Cookie! The orange cheese cookies are crafted using high-quality natural cheese flavor, emanating a delightful and aromatic cheese essence. Shaped intricately into an orange form, these cookies are specially designed to align with the festive spirit of the Chinese New Year.




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