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Cake Toppers are a great way to enhance your cake designs! A plain minimalist design will magically turn into something dreamy with just a few cake toppers.

Are you looking for a way to customize your cake even more? Try our Cake accessories! We recommend our bespoke Fondant Name Cake, which allows you to add your own unique name to the cake! The fondant is both edible and appealing. You could choose to add on Cake Toppers Fairylights to your birthday cake for added sparkle and a fairy look. Our cake bakers will place LED lights effects onto your cake. When your guests arrive at your celebration, we are confident that your cake will blow them away!


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  • Feather Wings Cake Topper | 21st Birthday Cake
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    Feather Wings Cake Topper

    From $8.00 (Including GST)
  • Fairy LED Lights | 21st Birthday Cake
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    Fairy LED Lights

    From $11.00 (Including GST)
  • Princess Crown Cake Topper (Small) | 21st Birthday Cake
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    Princess Crown Cake Topper (Small)

    From $5.00 (Including GST)

Have you ever wished your cake to have a more princess-like appearance? Adding our Small Princess Crown on your cake will make it look far more magnificent! Cake is one of the most beloved desserts on the planet, and they come in all shapes and flavors. If you’re a dessert lover, you probably have strong opinions on your favorite sweet treat. We have many different cake flavors to choose from, and we are one of the highest rated cake shops on Google. Our cakes are less sweet, moist and soft. If you’re not a fan of cake, you should try one of ours because we just might convert you into one. 🙂

We are rated as the best birthday cake in Singapore with cake delivery islandwide. We would love to customised birthday cake with your ideal theme for your birthday celebrations! Shop now.




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