How to Plan a Corporate Celebration Event?

How to Plan a Corporate Celebration Event?


Corporate celebrations are the ultimate way for employers to show their employees appreciation and recognition for all their hard work. When this is done, employees understand that they’re being acknowledged for all their work and that the direction of all their blood, sweat, and tears is going in the right way!

Most of the time, companies are not short on reasons to celebrate. For all the success that your company sees through its lifetime, it’s important to know that all these victories, whether they be big or small, should be thoroughly celebrated as much as possible.


Recognition of their achievements is a good enough reason to be throwing a corporate celebration, but the morale and team-building aspects of it cannot go ignored either. Holding a big party that acknowledges the successes of your employees can only bring them closer and improve morale!


This article by us is here for Honeypeachsg Bakery to best help you on organizing that perfect celebration! So without further ado, let’s get into it!


1. Be clear on all the details


It’s essential that you be clear on every detail of this celebration as you go into planning. If you don’t make sure you’re crystal clear on everything, it’s just going to cause massive amounts of confusion and backtracking when you’re already halfway into the planning. What are some of the details that you need to know? Well, let’s start with…


a. Having the approval of your superiors


Ok, so it’s great that you’re taking up the responsibility of planning this event, but you should absolutely clear everything up with your bosses before you make anything concrete. You absolutely don’t want to end up in a situation where you make plans for something and you get told that such a plan is inappropriate or inconvenient! That’d be a massive hassle and you might have to end up spending a lot of time canceling and starting everything over from scratch.



b. Understanding what you’re celebrating


What are all the festivities for? Corporate celebrations are organized frequently for a variety of reasons, and you have to figure out what yours are! Is your company celebrating an anniversary? If so, how many years? Perhaps your company recently closed a major business deal or is going through a merger, and the celebration itself should reflect that. Knowing the reason behind the celebration will make things so much easier for your planning!



c. Office staff only, or family-friendly


A party can have a lot of different themes. Some that can be perfect and make all office staff happy can in turn be very inappropriate if people are bringing their family along. Knowing what type of guests will be attending is a crucial detail that will form much of your planning.




2. Picking the perfect time and location


Once you have an idea of what kind of party you’re going to plan, then let’s go into more detail!


a. Time & Date


Believe it or not, there’s a lot to consider here! The most important part of picking the proper date and time is making sure that it’s convenient for all attending. This is why the previous step of making sure all the details as to what kind of event this is going to be is crucial.


If this is an event where only office staff is attending, then it can be safely assumed that office hours will be a good time for this event. At the same hours where they go to work, they can easily show up for the event! However, if the employees are bringing their families, then things get a little trickier. You need to start accounting for things such as school hours, for instance. It becomes paramount that you hold such an event on the weekend, or after school hours on weekdays!


b. Location


There are several locations that would be ideal for your corporate celebration! Depending on what you figured out during step 1, and assuming you’ve figured out exactly what the theme of the party is and what type of guests will be attending, then this part should be a breeze for you!



Firstly, note that the location is convenient for all attendees. A venue that is close to where everybody involved works should be ideal! You don’t want to end up in a situation where certain guests have to spend an hour by train to get to the location, and another hour just to get home. This is incredibly inconvenient for everyone involved and you’ll likely end up with a lot of people leaving early because their child has to wake up early for school tomorrow.



With that said, let’s now go into the choices for a location!



c. At a hotel


Hotels are perhaps the most common venue for these celebrations, and for good reason. Quality hotels offer all the accommodations that you or any other attendees could possibly want, such as wifi, food, beverages, and excellent service to pair with all of those!


Hotels also tend to be built in the most convenient location for transportation. They’re usually close to taxi stands, bus stops, and train stations as all of these are in the hotel’s best interest that people find it as easy as possible to get to them! With this advantage, you won’t have to worry about getting calls from the guests, confused as to where they’re supposed to go. It’s hard to miss a hotel!


Hotels have one more major benefit; size. Hotels are no strangers to holding large-capacity corporate events, so they’ll be ready for any issue you might have! They have the capacity to host as many people as you need, and they’re a great choice even if your guest list isn’t quite that large. They’re used to events that run from small to large, so this is an area where they can help you put you and any anxiety you might have about the venue being too small or too large, at ease.



d. At a restaurant


The main benefit of holding a corporate event at a restaurant is diversity. Hotels can somehow all look kind of similar, with very little variety in terms of looks and space. Restaurants offer much more in that respect, with unique spaces such as an outdoor barbecue party, a rooftop bar with a theater, or on an outdoor terrace. Restaurants are likely to offer more menu options, which is convenient if you have guests with unique dietary needs!


The obvious downside to booking your event at a restaurant is the capacity limit. Restaurants, naturally, are much smaller in size and capacity than hotels. If your event is going to have hundreds of guests, restaurants should be ruled out as an option.




3. Figuring out total attendance and sending out invitations.


When you started off with step 1, you had a general idea of just how many people would. What you might not expect is that number is likely to increase or decrease as you move along with the planning. Don’t worry though, the number isn’t likely to shift so dramatically that your plans have to be altered, but it should be noted as you’re sending out the invitations!


When you send out the invitations to all possible attendees, be sure to include ALL necessary details that guests will have to know! These things include but are not limited to; time and place, appropriate attire, transport options, their dietary needs, and the number of people they might be bringing.


Once you’re done with this, it’s time to move on to the next and final step!



4. Giving out gifts and choosing a celebration cake


It’s normal for guests to show up to these celebrations and leave with a gift or two in hand. Here at Honeypeachsg Bakery, we wholeheartedly recommend tasty pastries such as cupcakes or brownies as a parting gift!  We offer great deals on delicious desserts such as cupcakes for bulk corporate orders. We believe that these amazing desserts will be a wonderful gift to show your employees your appreciation and to reward them for their hard work and dedication.


But more importantly than that is an amazing cake that serves as a piece to commemorate the celebration! We provide an enormous catalog of customised cakes, of which you can take your pick! For corporate celebrations though, we highly recommend our ‘Minimalist Corporate Logo Black x Gold Cake’! It’s a customised cake with a professional look and has a place for you to proudly display the logo of your company!



Standard Cake Honeypeachsg Bakery



That’s all the advice we can offer you, and we wish you the very best of luck in your planning of that big company celebration! We hope our advice will prove to be helpful to you. What you have is an enormous responsibility to be planning for hundreds if not thousands of people, but when you successfully pull it off, you’ll see how rewarding it was!


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