Best 5 Cakes for Elderly

Best 5 Cakes for Elderly


Celebrate your parent or grandparent for their birthday with cakes for elderly. The seniors of Singapore are the backbone of our society. They are experienced with life and their wisdom knows no bounds. The character and dignity they exhibit throughout all walks of life are an inspiration to us all.


It’s an inevitable fact of life that our time all come eventually, but that’s what makes our time here on this world even more precious. Therefore, the fragility of life is a constant reminder that we have to cherish the people we love, especially the ones who are older and approaching elderly status!


With that goal in mind, we here at Honeypeachsg have created a line of customised birthday cakes designed with the elderly in mind! However, these birthday cakes exist with the purpose of celebrating the kind and wise elders that we have here in Singapore!



 1. Red Blossom Longevity



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Red; the colour of prosperity!


This ‘Red Blossom Longevity’ cake is covered all over in a vibrant red colour. This amazing customised cakes for elderly comes with a branch with enchanting red florals, macarons, longevity peaches, and a ‘寿’ cake topper! All of this adds up together to be one of the most auspicious birthday cakes you’ll ever see!


As with every cake on this list, the ‘Red Blossom Longevity’ comes from a selection of 12 different cake flavours! The cake flavours available are Chocolate Banana, Cookie Butter / Speculoos, Double Chocolate Crunch, Fresh Strawberry Short Cake. Additionally, Earl Grey Lavender, Hojicha White Chocolate, Matcha White Chocolate with White Choco Bits. Moreover, Premium Pure Vanilla Bean, Sea-Salt Chocolate Salted Caramel, Strawberry White Chocolate, Vanilla Lemon Curd, and Vanilla Raspberry!


2. Lucky Fortune Cat x Mahjong Tiles Cake (招き猫)




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All the luck you need in the world, right here in this cake!


The delightful Lucky Cat is the main feature of this ‘Lucky Fortunate Cat x Mahjong Tiles Cake’! Known all around the world, the Lucky Cat is a Japanese symbol that is thought to bring good luck to its owners, with its lovely raised right paw inviting luck and money! Besides the precious Lucky Cat figurine, the awesome cake is further enriched by mahjong tiles and gold coins!


If you have a father or mother that’s looking to celebrate their birthday, whether it’s their 50th birthday or their 65th birthday, they’ll absolutely love this birthday cake for elderly! Everyone welcomes prosperity, but a senior more so than anyone!



3. Classic Pink Lottery Cake (4D/TOTO Lottery Slips)



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Find some luck with these delicious lottery slips!


Many seniors who play the lottery always hope to one day wake up to the ping-pong balls coming up with numbers that all perfectly match the ones they have on their lottery slips! But it’s a difficult thing to accomplish and sometimes it feels like ice-skating uphill. Well, in that case, you need every ounce of luck you can get!


Bring more good fortune to your grandmother or grandfather with this ‘Classic Pink Lottery Cake’! This soft and moist cake designed with a pink and white scheme also comes with radiant gold coins and edible 4D/TOTO lottery slips!



4. Blue Painted Flower Longevity Cake



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Pretty flowers on a field of blue!


Whew, have you ever seen a prettier birthday cake? The ‘Blue Painted Flower Longevity Cake’ comes with a canvas as blue as the sky. As if that wasn’t lovely enough already, there are many flowers of different shades painted all across the cake. At the top is a ‘寿’ cake topper and delicately charming florals by its side.


This customised cake, much like the other ones on this list, comes in sizes of Classic 4”, Classic 6” and Classic 8”!


5. Shou Longevity Bun Cake



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A classic symbolism of long life!


However, Mahjong is one of many seniors’ favourite pastimes, and longevity peaches are delicious treats with the symbolism of immortality! All these things combined makes a birthday cake that’ll make your parent or grandparent beam with joy!



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Elderly people play an indispensable role in our society. However, their bodies may be frailer, but their immense wealth of experience and wisdom has always proven to be crucial when it comes to guiding and molding the next generation of youths. Thus, the times always change but there are some aspects of life that will always remain the same, and when the younger generation runs into these unfamiliar problems, we can always count on the elderly to help them through it. Protecting and celebrating these treasures should be at the top of the priority list for every society! Honeypeachsg are rated as the IG worthy cake in Singapore by Eatbook, be sure to read it. Lastly, We are also rated by Eatbook, the best customised cake in Singapore!


Honeypeachsg makes the best birthday cakes and wedding cakes in Singapore! Which is completely waived if your order is over $150! Lastly, Place your orders with us now and you’ll soon see why Honeypeachsg is the best cake shop in Singapore!




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