Top 5 Most Popular Kid’s Birthday Cakes in Singapore

Top 5 Most Popular Kid’s Birthday Cakes in Singapore

Kids Birthday Cake


When it comes to kid’s birthday party, the most important factor will be having a statement birthday cake. Birthday cake would be set up at the center of the room and were designed with the intention to make guests say “Wow!”. Nowadays, children prefer to have their own fantasies come to life by way of customized cakes! They love having themed birthday parties to have fun with their families and friends as they celebrate their special day!


At Honeypeachsg Bakery, we are specialise and open for customisable cake designs and we are happy to bring a smile to you! Children love to have their own favorite cartoons or animals cake designs on their special day.


1. Bunny Rainbow Drips Cake



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This six layer rainbow cake is colorful way to brighten up your birthday party! Every kid loves to look at this beautiful colorful rainbow accompanied with an adorable rabbit! These fluffy cuties are sure to make a rabbit-themed birthday party a big hit with everyone!

This bunny cake design would be well loved for girls! Best part is, the cute bunny is actually edible!


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2. Rustic Safari Animal Cake



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Animals are some of the greatest friends and companions that we have. Likewise, this safari animal cake would be the perfect match for kids who love animals. In short, safari animals like elephants, giraffes and lions are some of children’s favorite animals!


All in all, this birthday cake design can definitely bring joy to all children!


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3. Blue Hot Air Balloon Bunny Cake



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Have you ever wanted to ride in a hot air balloon? Certainly, you must purchase this stunning hot air balloon cake to make your wish come true.


Overall, Hot air balloon cakes always inspire magic and excitement! The thought of being up there surrounded by the clouds as you look down at the world is simply thrilling! Furthermore, this cake is fully edible – yes, inclusive of hot air balloon, clouds and stars! This is best suited for 1st birthday party and we welcome you to customise your kid’s name on the cake!


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4. Yellow Drip Winnie the Pooh Cake



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Do you have any pals whom adore Winnie the Pooh? Along with bees and honey pot, this would be every child’s absolute favourite character! This cake featuring pooh cartoon characters is a child’s dream.


Much like how Winnie the Pooh loves digging into his honeypot, your kids will love digging into this marvelous cake! Let your kids enjoy the sweetness of this beauty of a cake with the design of one of cartoon’s most popular characters!


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5. Cocomelon Baby Themed Cake



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Kid’s favourite nursery show Cocomelon! This enticing Cocomelon cartoon show is well loved by many, not only it is fun to watch, it is educational as well!


Moreover, this cake is frosted with baby blue background with edible clouds and stars as well as Cocomelon birthday banners and marshmallow!


Undoubtedly, It’s every baby’s dream cake!


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In Conclusion,

At Honeypeachsg Bakery, we put our heart and soul into baking and creating a picture-perfect cake of exquisite taste, just for you. We understand how convenient it would be to have your cake delivered right to your door. As a result, we provide islandwide cake delivery in Singapore at a discounted rate of $9.90, with free delivery available for purchases over $150.


Now you know where to buy children’s birthday cakes! 




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