Cakes of the Month – August 2024

Cakes of the Month – August 2024


New is always better, and as our loyal customers would know, we introduce five of our incredible new cakes every month. This month of August is no different, and here we present to you this month’s latest selection of cakes!


At Honeypeachsg Bakery, we strongly believe that innovation is key in the world of baking. Only by constantly pushing our limits at creativity, experimenting tirelessly, and exploring ideas endlessly can we improve steadily and continue to be the best bakery in Singapore, one that our customers deserve!



 1. Minimalist Corporate Logo Black x Gold Cake


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Black and gold make sophistication!



First up is our ‘Minimalist Corporate Logo Black x Gold Cake’! This stylish design exudes elegance effortlessly with its black and gold colour scheme. The background is black, with gold splotches and gold drippings flowing off the edge of the cake. That all makes it the perfect cake for any corporate event, especially when you can customize the logo at the front with any kind of logo or image that you want!


If you’re having a celebration of any kind for your place of work, whether it’d be your business’ 10th anniversary or you’re just celebrating a big deal you just closed, this cake is the best one you’ll be able to find for the occasion! Additionally, we have other amazing corporate cakes for you to take a look!



2. Ombre Baby Boy Birthday Cake



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A cake that’ll make your child gasp with wonder!


The ‘Ombre Baby Boy Birthday’ will have you wondering how it’s possible to pack so much cuteness into such a delicately beautiful cake! This birthday cake paints a beautiful scene, so charming that you almost wouldn’t want to eat it! With clouds, stars, a hot air balloon, and a baby boy figurine at the top of the cake, this birthday cake is so lovely that you have to see it for yourself!


Do you have a baby boy or baby girl whom you might want to celebrate turning 100 days old? Then order this birthday cake right now! We at Honeypeachsg offer the best cake delivery in Singapore, with only a $9.90 delivery fee, and is completely free if your order total is over $150!


 3. Black Star Wars Cake



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May the force be with you.


The most popular movie franchise in the world comes to life in the shape of our ‘Black Star Wars’! This birthday cake’s sexiness has no limits. It comes with a black canvas and has white drippings flowing off the cake to make the most handsome design you’ve ever seen! It’s enriched by macarons and tiny chocolate bars, while a menacing topper of Darth Vader looms over the birthday cake. It’s fabulous!

Maybe you know somebody who’s a huge Star Wars fan, and is looking to celebrate an upcoming birthday. Perhaps it’s your boyfriend or girlfriend’s 18th birthday or 21st birthday. Or well if that’s the case then you’ve already found the perfect birthday for them!


4.  Toy Story Green Alien Korean



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“You have saved our lives. We are eternally grateful.”


One of the most popular animated franchises of all time, and the fervor for all things Korean combined to make this wonderful ‘Toy Story Green Alien Korean’! This birthday design features the adorably goofy face of the ‘Little Green Men’ from the Toy Story franchise. Along with a ‘Happy Birthday!’ message, it is surrounded by a circle of little balls of fondant, and has purple drippings flowing off the side it!

If you have a son or daughter who’s celebrating their 1st birthday or their 2nd birthday and loves Toy Story. We guarantee you that they’ll find this birthday cake to be the most precious thing in the world!


 5. Singapore Flag Cake



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Majulah Singapura!


National Day for our country has come and gone, but appreciation and gratitude for this great nation that we live in shouldn’t be limited to something that happens just once a year! The ‘Singapore Flag’ is exactly what it sounds like, a beautiful cake designed in the likeness of our nation’s flag! The top half of the cake is red swirls and the bottom is white swirls. The frosting heaven is completed by the crescent and stars that our flag is so well known for!



If you or someone you know is particularly patriotic, we believe that this customised design would absolutely be something they enjoy!



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And that concludes our spotlight for the 5 new cakes of the month! But you should know that we have a lot more than 5 new additions every month, take some time and browse through our catalog as much as you please! Whether you decide to purchase a cake for birthday, wedding, or corporate event, we promise that every one of your orders will be made with all the effort and thoughtfulness that we can muster up!


Here at Honeypeachsg Bakery, we are never satisfied with our current catalog of items, and we will always continue to push ourselves to make the best birthday cakes and wedding cakes in Singapore! If you’re on the fence about making a purchase with us, we hope we can you off that fence by telling you that we have the best delivery in Singapore, with islandwide delivery at only $9.90, of which we’ll make completely free if your purchase is over $150! We also make design for corporate events as well as customised photo cakes!




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