5 Romantic Cakes for Your Celebration

5 Romantic Cakes for Your Celebration


The days go by quickly, and finally, the time has come to celebrate a special day between you and your romantic partner! What special day could it be? It could be anything! It could be Valentine’s Day, the 1st anniversary of your first date, the 10th anniversary of your wedding, or one of your birthdays! Whatever the occasion may be, what Honeypeachsg Bakery is sure of is that you’ll need a Romantic Cakes cake full of romance in order to properly celebrate that occasion!

And of course, we have created this list of 5 incredible Romantic cakes that we believe will be a marvellous success at your celebration! Do note that our selection extends far beyond this list, and you can take your time to browse them here!


But for now, take a second and look at 5 cakes that we’ve decided to put a spotlight on!


1. Princess Pink Stroke Cake



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A beautiful crown for your beautiful partner!


Oh, has there been anyone who hasn’t dreamt of being royalty at some point in their lives? There’s nobody who hasn’t thought of how their lives would be if they were born a prince or princess! We let go of that fantasy as we get older, but the ‘Princess Pink Stroke Cake’ was designed to bring back some of that nostalgia!


This gorgeous birthday cake features a majestic crown at the top and majestic feather wings at the back. This customised cake comes in sizes of Classic 6” and Classic 8”.



2. Black Gold x Dollar Bills Cake


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Prosperity, fortune, and elegance!


Black and gold are a combination that we find never fails to look good. Moreover, we believe that the ‘Black Gold x Dollar Bills Cake’ exemplifies this perfectly!


This birthday cake is enriched with decorations of dice, cash notes, and golden balls! At the very front of the birthday cake is a large number indicating the age of the birthday boy or girl, as well as their names! Both of these are customisable to your liking, of course!



3. Pink Stroke Pearl x Fresh Floral Cake


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The epitome of gracefulness!


The ‘Pink Stroke Pearl x Fresh Floral Cake’ is the definition of elegance! A lovely cake with a white background while beautified by graceful strokes of pink, this customised cake has pearls all over it, like stars in the night sky! Its beauty is further enhanced by some of the most amazing florals you’ve ever seen! To say that this is one that nobody can deny is romantic is still a massive understatement! Alternatively, we have other amazing floral cakesfor you to choose from!


As with every other cake on this list, this amazing cake comes in 12 different cake flavours! These flavours are; Chocolate Banana, Cookie Butter / Speculoos, Double Chocolate Crunch, Earl Grey Lavender. Fresh Strawberry Short Cake, Hojicha White Chocolate, Matcha White Chocolate with White Choco Bits, Premium Pure Vanilla Bean. Sea-Salt Chocolate Salted Caramel, Strawberry White Chocolate, Vanilla Lemon Curd, and Vanilla Raspberry!



4. Pastel Violet Berries Cake



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Who could resist strawberries!?


The ‘Pastel Violet Berries Cake’ was designed with fruit cake lovers in mind! This romantic cake comes in a soft and delicate shade of violet. If this cake was a crown, then the gems of the crown are the delicious macarons, the succulent and fresh strawberries, and the cute seashells and starfishes that bring this cake to a whole other level!


This beautiful romantic cake also allows for a customised name to be displayed at the front. If you have a boyfriend or girlfriend who has an 18thbirthday or 21st birthday coming up, order this birthday cake and proudly put their display their name! It’s the perfect final touch to an already awesome cake!



5. Happy Anniversary Love Bento Cake



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 An overwhelming amount of deliciousness packed in a small treat!


Perhaps you have something you’d love to celebrate, but you don’t want to go overboard or make the occasion too much of a big deal. If that’s the case, then the ‘Happy Anniversary Love Bento Cake’ is what you want!


Modeled with the traditional bento in mind, this dainty cake comes in a bento lunchbox and is the ideal size for 2 pax! Here at Honeypeachsg, we believe that it’s the thought that counts the most. Having a petite cake like this is more than capable of showing your boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife, that you care!


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Romantic gestures are of utmost importance in a relationship. They’re essential if you wish to reinforce the love you have between you and your partner, and they help to keep that romantic spark alive. Everyone loves knowing that someone out there is thinking about them, wondering how they can show the breadth of their love to them. Show your girlfriend or boyfriend that you care, that you remembered. As well as that you put in the time and effort to bring a day that is very special to the both of you, even closer to both your hearts.


If you’ve read through the list and made up your mind about a purchase, just know that we at Honeypeachsg Bakery greatly appreciate your trust and your confidence! Honeypeachsg Bakery always seeks to be the best cake shop in Singapore, making the best birthday cakes and the best wedding cakes! We offer the best cake delivery in Singapore, at only $9.90, of which we’ll waive completely if your order is over $150! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via our WhatsApp!




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