5 Amazing Disney Cakes for Kids!

5 Amazing Disney Cakes for Kids!

Disney Cakes


Disney Cakes have been a popular design for both adults and kids. Disney has played a major part in everybody’s childhood. Many, many children had their first favourite characters and learned their first ever moral lessons from Disney movies. That trend doesn’t look to be stopping any time soon, as Disney’s presence starts to play a larger and larger part in the childhoods of children.


You could’ve been 8 years old, singing along to Aladdin’s catchy “Friend Like Me”, or you could’ve been watching ‘The Lion King’. It yelling in shock as the villain Scar betrayed his brother Mufasa and dropped him off a cliff so he could usurp his throne. Or perhaps you had a Mickey Mouse soft toy that you went to sleep with every night! In any case, the impact of Disney knows no bounds, and for decades, they have given children memories that they’ll cherish for the rest of their lives!


At Honeypeachsg, we seek to recreate the same feeling that these magical Disney movies have given children. Joy, excitement, and triumph! We believe that these amazing Disney-themed birthday cakes will be the story of every birthday party, and make that birthday one that your son or daughter will remember forever!


1. Disney Aladdin Cake


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“You ain’t never had a friend like me!”


Originally a Middle-Eastern folk tale, Aladdin as adapted by Disney is one of their most highly regarded works! The story of the man named Aladdin who found a lamp with a magical genie living in it, and is capable of granting up to three wishes is one that we’re all familiar with! If your son or daughter loved this movie and the wonderful songs that came with it, then this birthday cake would be the perfect surprise for them!


All in all, this customised cake itself is decorated in a sea of blue and decorated with pastel purple and baby blue swirls all over it! It has a beautiful topping of Aladdin and Jasmine together, happily on their magic carpet!



2. The Little Mermaid – Ariel Cake

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“Have you ever seen anything so wonderful in your entire life?”


‘The Little Mermaid’ and the protagonist Ariel taught children many valuable life lessons. Ariel was innately curious and found herself fascinated with the human world. It taught us how important it was that we make full use of our freedom to learn as much about the world as we can. We have to use our voice to fight for the things we want. We have to cherish the friends that we have, as Ariel did with Scuttle, Flounder, and Sebastian!


Overall, this enchanting cake is a baby ocean blue with edible sugar pearls lining at the bottom, and a portrait of Ariel herself at the top of the cake!



3. Minimalist Mickey Mouse Cake



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“Oh, boy!”


The animated cartoon mouse that has been the face of Disney for almost a century is brought to life here in this amazing birthday cake! The adorable and iconic cartoon character has been a part of our lives everywhere we went. Whether it’s theme parks, comics, television, films, or video games, Mickey Mouse holds a majestic presence everywhere he goes!


This birthday cake is shaped and themed after Mickey Mouse himself, with the three-tone colours of black, orange, and yellow representing Mickey’s upper body, shorts, and shoes! It also has Mickey’s most distinguishing feature at the top, his two adorable round ears!



 4. Blue Stitch x Wings Cake



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“‘Ohana’ means family, and family means no one gets left behind or forgotten.”


Home is wherever the people you love most are. ‘Lilo and Stitch’ taught us all valuable lesson such as the importance of family, and knowing your own self-worth. Moreover,  ‘Lilo & Stitch’ had a major impact on reshaping how every child saw the world, while being unbelievably entertaining at the same time.


Moreover, this amazing cake has a beautiful mixture of blue and white as its background, and sitting atop the cake is a pair of gorgeous wings right behind a lovely figurine of Stitch himself!


As with every other Disney cake on this list, this customised cake comes in 12 different delicious cake flavours! These flavours are; Chocolate Banana, Cookie Butter / Speculoos, Double Chocolate Crunch. Additionally, Earl Grey Lavender, Fresh Strawberry Short Cake, Hojicha White Chocolate, Matcha White Chocolate with White Choco Bits. With Premium Pure Vanilla Bean, Sea-Salt Chocolate Salted Caramel, Strawberry White Chocolate, Vanilla Lemon Curd, and Vanilla Raspberry!



5. Paddlepop Dumbo x Pooh Bear Cake



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”You’re braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.”


Winnie the Pooh and Dumbo the Elephant are not typically seen together in the same place. Additionally, they have more in common than you might think! People have always ridiculed the lovable Dumbo for his oversized ears, and he has struggled to find a place where he could belong amidst all the mockery.


Winnie the Pooh always had an unsophisticated worldview and a simple-minded nature. Together, these iconic characters taught us not to devote time and energy to the people who’ll not have us. Overall,  you can find a place where you belong as long as you formed strong, lasting friendships!


This ‘Paddlepop Dumbo x Pooh Bear Cake’ features the two classic characters made out of fondant, sitting at the top! The cake has a pretty paddlepop background and is decorated to perfection with gorgeous florals and speckles of golden butterflies!


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The impact that these iconic Disney characters has had in our lives, and will have in the lives of our children. We cannot understate it. Disney combines fabulous entertainment with important life lessons about love, family, and good versus evil. These movies were there and will always be there for us, and the place they have in our hearts will always be eternal!


At Honeypeachsg, we take pride in making our birthday cakes the best in Singapore! One of our core values is that an amazing cake makes every occasion one that you will remember forever. Honeypeachsg is the best cake shop in Singapore. We make the best birthday cakes and wedding cakes. We offer islandwide delivery for a low rate of $9.90, of which is completely free if your order is over $150! Rest assured that we will greatly reward your trust in us!




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