5 Incredible Animal Cakes for the Animal Lovers

5 Incredible Animal Cakes for the Animal Lovers

Safari Animal Cake


Do you wonder why Animal Cakes are the most popular cake design for both adult and children? Many adults love animals especially cats or dogs. While for kids, they especially love safari animals such as lion, tiger and rabbit! Over at Honeypeachsg Bakery, we have a ranged of Animal themed cake designs such as Dinosaur Cakes, Safari Cakes and Rabbit Cakes.


Animals play many roles in our lives, all of them equally irreplaceable. Dogs and cats can be the closest companions who’ll remain loyal to you throughout their entire lives. Cows and sheep provide us with milk and wool. Birds sing us their lovely songs to wake us up for a new day! Without animals in this world, life would feel empty and depressing. We’d no longer have beautiful creatures whose beauty and grace we could admire, and we would no longer be able to feel the warmth of their companionship!


With that in mind, Honeypeachsg has endeavoured to create the prettiest and cutest line of animal-themed cakes in Singapore! And once you’ve reached the bottom of the list, we hope that you’ve been convinced that nobody in Singapore makes animal-themed cakes quite like us! Especially, we are ranked as the Top Best Cake Shop in Singapore!


1. Korean Animal Party Cake



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Even animals have parties!

This amazing two-tiered ‘Korean Animal Party Cake’ features adorable animals sitting around at a party of their own! From head to toe, this birthday cake is a portrait of beauty! The use of fondant here is not just mouth-wateringly delicious but also endlessly graceful! From rainbows and clouds circling the cake to teddy bears and cherries drawn perfectly around the cake, it’s impossible to resist this birthday cake!


This 4” by 6” two-tier cake is available in 10 different amazing cake flavours, and you get to choose one for each tier! These cake flavours are; Chocolate Banana, Cookie Butter / Speculoos, Double Chocolate Crunch, Earl Grey Lavender, Fresh Strawberry Short Cake, Matcha White Chocolate with White Choco Bits, Premium Pure Vanilla Bean, Sea-Salt Chocolate Salted Caramel, and Vanilla Raspberry!


2. Grey Bunny Floral Cake



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The fluffy and long-eared cuties make an appearance!


Rabbits are one of children’s favourite animals! When you look at their long ears, their fluffy exteriors, and their adorable whiskers, it’s no wonder why!


This birthday cake starts with a precious grey bunny figurine standing at the top of the cake, and is accompanied by gorgeous pink florals and golden balls that serve as decorations! Here, you can choose the wording of your choice to be put at the front of the cake, and you’ll most likely want to put the name of the birthday boy or girl right there!


 3. Rose Gold Floral Cat Cake



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The most dignified animal in the world!


Sigmund Freud once said that “Time spent with cats is never wasted.”, and we at Honeypeachsg are inclined to agree! That’s why we made the ‘Rose Gold Floral Cat Cake’! This exquisite birthday cake comes with a golden cat figurine standing at the top and looking down at everyone else, as most cats do. Their magnificent presence is accompanied by enchanting rose-gold florals and macarons, taking the birthday cake from pretty to stunning!


If you have a girlfriend or boyfriend that happens to be a cat lover and is looking to celebrate their upcoming 21st birthday or 30th birthday, then this birthday cake is a no-brainer! Reveal it at their birthday celebration and watch them light up with the biggest smile!



4. Dog Korean Floral Cake



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The most loyal companion is the star of this cake!


Man’s best friend is the star of this birthday cake! The face of a darling little Shiba Inu is at the centre of this birthday cake! By its side are flowers made out of fondant ranging from small to large, and at the base of the cake is a circle of pearls, taking the aesthetic of this birthday cake all the way to perfection!


The cake flavours available for this and every other single-tier birthday cake here are the same as the ones listed above for the two-tiered cake, but with the addition of Hojicha White Chocolate and Vanilla Lemon Curd!


5. Yellow Duck Cake



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These ducklings are anything but ugly!


The sweet little creatures quacking and paddling across the ponds now have a place in our ‘Yellow Duck Cake’! The entirety of this birthday cake is shaped like a duck’s cute face!


With its adorable features on a field of yellow, the ‘Yellow Duck Cake’ is a popular choice for birthday cakes among our customers! If you have a son or daughter who’s looking to celebrate their 5th birthday or 10th birthday, this is the ideal choice for you!



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Animal-themed cakes are some of the most desired birthday cakes around the world! It’s simply a type of cake that appeals to everyone, regardless of gender or age! There’s an animal lover in all our hearts and minds, and seeing it so uniquely created in the shape of a cake brings joy to us all! When people see a well-made animal-themed cake, there’s always a positive reaction! Children beam and jump for joy, adults give out a hearty laugh and move closer to appreciate the cake better, and elderlies find it difficult to repress a smile!


At Honeypeachsg Bakery, we take great pride in being the best cake shop in Singapore! We strongly believe that we make the best birthday cakes and the best wedding cakes in Singapore. We offer many delicious cake flavours and our delivery is second-to-none, at only $9.90 in delivery fees, of which we completely waive if your order is over $150!




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