5 More Incredible Wedding Cakes For Your Special Day!

5 More Incredible Wedding Cakes For Your Special Day!

5 More Incredible Wedding Cakes


5 More Incredible Wedding Cakes For Your Special Day!  The magic of a wedding is a tangible one. That feeling of excitement and happiness simply hangs in the air every single second of that beautiful day. Furthermore, we have other popular wedding cakes! Such as Botanical Floral Wedding Cake and Rustic Wedding Bear Cake.


At Honeypeachsg Bakery, we believe that every wedding should end with at a high note. It is guarantee an amazing ending to a wedding than by making all your guests witness the most bewitching wedding cake they’ve ever seen! It’s with that belief in mind that Honeypeachsg Bakery has sought to meticulously create the best wedding cakes that you’ll ever find in Singapore!


 1. Adore Rustic Naked Floral Three Tier Wedding Cake



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A three-tier marvel with a rustic vibe!

We’re starting off strong here! This absolute unit of a wedding cake is three tiers large, and will ensure that everybody on your guest list gets a slice of its heavenly taste! With an all-white exterior, it’s decorated with beautiful leaves and roses as well as golden pastels, taking its already lovely aesthetic to an untouchable level!


If your guest list is a long one, perhaps totaling up to nearly a hundred, then you don’t want to make the mistake of ordering a wedding cake that’s going to be too small! Few things make a wedding sourer than some of your dignified guests not being able to get a slice! This three-tier marvel that is 4” by 6” by 8” is capable of feeding up to 80-90 people!


2. Semi Naked Rustic Pink x Purple Floral Wedding Cake


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A two-tier beauty withgorgeous florals!


A variety of colors among some of the prettiest flowers you’ll ever see is showcased with this amazing two-tier wedding cake! This wedding cake is adorned with leaves and roses of the following colors; white, pink, and purple! Add in golden drips that flow from the top to the bottom of the wedding cake, and what you’ve got is an aesthetic you can’t beat in a wedding cake!



 3. Enchanted Full Ruffles Floral Wedding Cake



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A trail of gorgeous roses...

Flowers are some of the most beautiful things that Mother Nature gives off, and the most popular among those flowers are roses! Traditionally regarded as the most romantic of all flowers, the virtue of these roses is a big reason as to why we designed this wedding cake! This wedding cake has golden pastels and roses of many striking colors decorating it, almost as if it’s blooming! With wonderfully dazzling colors such as pink, white, and red, this wedding cake is an obvious one for rose lovers!


As with every two-tier wedding cake on this list, you can choose two out of twelve different cake flavours! The following cake flavours are, Double Chocolate Crunch, Earl Grey Lavender, Fresh Strawberry Short Cake. Moreover, it offers the option for customisable wordings, allowing you to include a personalized message when gifting it to your friend. This feature adds a thoughtful touch to the cake, enabling you to convey special sentiments or wishes for your friend’s celebration. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or any other occasion, the ability to add customized wordings enhances the personalization. As well as the uniqueness of the gift, making it even more memorable for your friend.


4. Elegant Ruffles Floral Wedding Cake



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Elegance in simplicity!

Minimalism is something that’s greatly appreciated in this generation. The ‘Elegant Ruffles Floral Wedding Cake’ has a plain white exterior, with its only decorations that give it a rustic feel! It might seem that it lacks features, but the truth is this wedding cake is every bit as delicious as every wedding cake. Furthermore, Honeypeachsg are rated as the IG worthy cake in Singapore by Eatbook, be sure to read it.



5. Bride to be Cupcakes (Box of 6)

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A delicious snack for the happy bride!

The last entry on our list isn’t some fancy and grand wedding cake whose size towers that of an average child. These cupcakes come in boxes of 6, and was created to celebrate the bride’s journey to their wedding and passage into becoming a wife! With enchanting frosting designs and macarons, these cupcakes are available in twelve different cake flavours.



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At Honeypeachsg Bakery, we make the best birthday cakes and the best wedding cakes in Singapore! In addition, Honeypeachsg Bakery also makes corporate cakes for company anniversaries as well as customised photo cakes in Singapore!




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