5 Cakes of the Month – February

5 Cakes of the Month – February


The tradition of having cakes to celebrate a momentous occasion is something everyone already knows. A wedding, a birthday, an anniversary? If it’s worth celebrating, then the best way to top off the celebration is to have a delicious and visually appealing cake at the celebration!


But this has led people to believe that you need to have a good reason before you can purchase or enjoy a cake. This is absolutely wrong! Cakes are sugary treats from heaven, and nobody needs a good reason to enjoy one when they want to!


Here we give you our ‘5 Cakes of the Month’! When you’re done reading, you’ll undoubtedly be in the mood for our heavenly cakes!



1. Promo – Galaxy Moon (Free Delivery)


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The universe’s infinite mysteries in one cake!

The James Webb Space Telescope recently revealed some astounding images of the unseen universe. Fascination with space and its infinite mysteries has only grown leaps and bounds since then! Of course, if you have a boyfriend or girlfriend who is deeply interested in that area, then you already know all that! This ‘Galaxy Moon’ promo cake has varied hues of blue for its background, and it’s adorned with a golden crescent, golden balls, and a golden star to make the cake even more radiant than it already is! If your significant together works in this field or simply loves it as a hobby, this cake is what you need to brighten up their day!


The ‘Galaxy Moon’ comes in sizes of 4”, 6” and 8”. You can choose from 12 different flavours, and most importantly, because this is a promo cake, delivery is completely free of charge!



2. Old But Gold Cake



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Black and gold go together like nothing else!

The ‘Old But Gold’ comes with a sexy black background, with gold flowing off the edges of the cake. Its handsomeness is enhanced with scrumptious macarons that are given a gold coating to complement the overall design scheme. Such an effortlessly gorgeous cake will have anyone take a fancy to it. This is one of our most popular cakes for men!


This ‘Old But Gold’ cake in sizes of 4”, 6”, 8” and comes with your pick of any of 12 different flavours!




3. Promo – White Swan (Free Delivery)




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A crown on a cake, both fit for royalty!

The ‘White Swan’ is a glorious design with a pastel white design scheme! It comes with decorations that make it more gorgeous than it already is, such as 3D feather wings, bubbles and white fondant gardenias on the side of the cake! And of course, the main feature is the bewitching crown atop! All of these combine to make it so visually spectacular that it’ll make anyone’s jaw drop just by looking at it!



The ‘White Swan’ cake comes in sizes of Classic 6” and Tall 6”. You can choose from 12 different flavours, and most importantly, and much like the ‘Galaxy Moon’ cake, delivery is free of charge due to it being a promo cake!


4. Red Roses & Golds



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Nothing complements each other better than red on white!

One of our most popular birthday cakes, this is the ‘Red Roses & Gold’. Much like its namesake, this birthday cake has a white background with gold butterflies and succulent macarons all over it, and the charming birthday cake’s beauty is enhanced further with lovely red roses. Know somebody who might be celebrating a birthday soon? Or perhaps you’re just interested in getting someone a treat? Well, this is the ideal choice for you!


The ‘Red Roses & Gold’ come in sizes of 4”, 6”, 8” and 10”. You can pick your favourite flavour out of 12 available!



5. MANU Manchester United Soccer Cake




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One for The Red Devils!

The English professional football club Manchester United has hit a rough patch recently. But even though they haven’t been too great on the field, their fanbase here in Singapore is as strong as ever! The football club’s popularity still outstrips every other club, and if you count yourself among one of them, then you’ll enjoy! The design comes with a Manchester United logo emblazoned on a red background! It’s accompanied by macarons and a fondant football! We  guaranteed to satisfy you or any of your friends who might be a big Man U fan!


Thank you for accompanying us through our blog. Got a hankering for these design, or just some baked goods in general? Take a look through our website! We promise we’ll exceed your expectations!

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