4 Best Unique Birthday Cakes in Singapore

4 Best Unique Birthday Cakes in Singapore

Mermaid Cake


Looking for a Unique Cakes in Singapore? These designs are certainly eye-catching and will serve as the focal point of your birthday celebration. These lovely but uniquely adorned custom cakes would be excellent.


Unique Cakes are no longer just about the flavor; they are now a blend of taste and look. Don’t worry, our unique cakes at Honeypeachsg Bakery are both aesthetically attractive and scrumptious. Moreover, Honeypeachsg Bakery is rated as IG-Worthy Customised Cakesby Eatbook.


We have selected these top 4 cake designs for you to choose from:


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1. White Swan

The white swan is beautifully decorated with a dreamy white pastel scheme, 3D fluffy feather wings, bubbles, roses, and an elegant crown. It will be the ideal birthday party for your loved ones and yourself, with an added WOW factor.


We offer a large assortment of cake flavors to choose from, and you can rest assured that the flavors you choose will have no effect on the design. Our best-selling flavors, double chocolate crunch and strawberry short, are unquestionably recommended. It’s soft, moist, and less sweet, making it the ideal match.


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2. Misty Butterflies


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Butterflies, bubbles, and pearls are used as ornaments in this soft purple pastel design. For your loved ones, it will be the ideal lovely birthday party cake. If you are celebrating a dreamy lilac color theme, then this design would be perfect for you!


Due to the fact that this design is in our promotional section, we also provide absolutely free delivery. Our delivery service is one-of-a-kind, and we only provide you the best. Allow us to handle your cake with confidence.


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3. Fairies



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Fairies is our most popular cake design, with over 3000 units sold to date. Wrapped in exquisite feather pale pink laces and topped with wonderfully hand-picked fresh roses and quirky pink butterflies, this cake is one of a kind. It’s a very original design that you won’t find at other bakeries.


Choose from a variety of delectable flavors, including Earl Grey Lavender, Double Chocolate, and Fresh Strawberries, to complement your customised cake. We’ve added crunchy bits to the cake, in addition to the moist and light sponge, to give it that extra crisp when you bite into it. We used quality dark chocolate that is perfect for everyone’s tastebuds to keep the sweetness in check.


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4. Pastel Rainbow Drips Cake


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If you bring a rainbow design to a celebration, it will undoubtedly steal the show, and everyone, both children and adults, will be vying for a piece. A rainbow is created by the combination of sunlight and rain. Light colors with smooth white drips and pastel macarons are our take on this eye-catching pastel rainbow design. This is the best design for a children’s birthday celebration; it’s so bright and vibrant!


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Looking to further customise your design, we strongly welcome you to do so! Simply let our pastry chefs know what kind of event you are celebrating and we will be able to advise further! Read our Ultimate Guide to Order a Customised Cake here.

Now you have seen our best selling cake designs in 2024, which one is your favourite?




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