10 Wedding Cake Questions You Should Know

10 Wedding Cake Questions You Should Know

10 Wedding Cake Questions You Should Know


10 Wedding Cake Questions You Should Know : Whereas organizing a wedding can be a blissful and pleasant involvement, it can too be unpleasant, a small overpowering, and indeed or maybe confusing at times. After all, it’s most likely the greatest celebration you’ve ever facilitated. And getting your questions almost wedding planning replied early is the most noteworthy way to anticipate issues afterward.


Here, we reply the foremost as often as possible inquired questions around wedding planning that we listen from future brides. We help you in weighing the focal points and drawbacks of various circumstances, but within the conclusion, you choose how you need your wedding day to unfold.


1. How much should I pay for a wedding cake?


Depending on the size and number of guests, the price range for a two-tiered, traditional, elegant fresh flowers wedding cake is between $200 and $400.

If you want to adorn your cake with handmade edible flowers, the cost can run anywhere from $800 to $2000. We recommend opting for fresh flowers because they make everything appear nicer instead and it can save you massive budget!


2. How much cake do I need for 100 guests?


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We will recommend getting a three tier cake – 4″ by 6″ by 8″ width and it can fit perfectly for 100 guests!


3. Should I have cake for wedding?

In the end, it’s your wedding, so don’t stress if a cake cutting or dessert reception isn’t your style. The other special goodies you have in store for your visitors will make them just as delighted.


4. What does cake symbolise at a wedding?

The wedding cake represents fertility and good fortune. Additionally, it provides luck to everyone who consumes it. For the wedding cake to represent a prosperous, long-lasting marriage, it should be made with a lot of high-quality ingredients.


5. Do I need wedding door gift?



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We highly recommend it! There are many affordable wedding favors available if you do want to express your gratitude to your guests. Consider doing them a favor to show your appreciation for them and to give them something to remember your wedding by. For door gifts, we suggest either macarons or cupcakes because they are both delectable and edible! It’ll make a great gift!


Our popular wedding door gifts are Macaron 1pc Gift Set at $4.30 with customisable stickier and ribbon as well as Cupcake Gift Set at $4.80 each!


6. How should I cut the cake and serve to guests?


Given that your visitors may be full from the banquet dinner, we suggest cutting the cake into small cubes. To cut the cake and serve everyone, ask the wedding venue coordinator! You can take any additional cakes home with you to savour on your own.


7. How long can wedding cake be left out?


We do not advise leaving outside for more than 20 minutes during an outdoor event because the sun may be scorching hot and it may melt. While, the ideal time for a display would be between one and two hours, depending on the humidity and temperature of the air-conditioned space. Or if there’s a fridge at the venue, it will be the perfect selection! You may place the cake in the fridge first before the ceremony.


8. How long before the wedding should the cake be delivered?


If the venue does not have a refrigerator, we advise arriving 30 minutes to an hour before the event. If there is a refrigerator, we advise 2 to 3 hours.


9. How far in advance should I order a wedding cake?


We will advise at least 3 – 6 months in advance for your baker to prepare and secure a slot for you.  You may use these to time to source for cake designs or go for cake tasting.


10. Can I choose different cake flavour for each tier of cake?


It is possible to have a unique flavor on each tier, and I do suggest doing so. Nevertheless, some customers want to have the same flavours for all tiers so that everyone may enjoy the same flavour. Honeypeachsg are rated as the IG worthy cake in Singapore by Eatbook, be sure to read it. Congratulations, the first stage of wedding planning is complete. Now that you have answers to your questions about wedding planning, you should get ready for your engagement photos for your save-the-dates.




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